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A photo of CC Hood Reserve

CC Hood Reserve

Lawn Street
5041 SA

The CC Hood Reserve dog park is the first off-leash fenced off dog park in Mitcham. The park includes the usual dog park amenities, water fountains, seating, tunnels and shelter.

A photo of Pooch Park – Playford

Pooch Park – Playford

Jabez Way
Blakes Crossing

Pooch Park in Playford (not to be confused with Pooch Park – Tedder Reserve in West Torrens) is Playfords first and only off leash, fenced dog park.

A photo of Tintinara


South Australia 5266

If you are road-tripping with your dog along the Dukes Highway this park is another great chance to stop and have a breather, and let your dog stretch their legs.

A photo of Stebonheath Dog Park

Stebonheath Dog Park

Davoren Road
Andrews Farm

Stebonheath Dog Park is Playford’s first built and managed park, located inside of Stebonheath park which also incorporates a playground, BMX track and wetlands. The park fills 2900 square meters of Stebonheath Park, and makes use of the existing trees to provide additional shade.

A photo of Ngampa Yerta

Ngampa Yerta

Medindie Rd
North Adelaide

The first fenced-off, off leash park in the city of Adelaide, Ngampa Yerta consists of two large fenced off areas, one designated for adult dogs and large dogs, and one specifically for dogs under 6mths or under 14kg.

Kids in dog parks, what do you think?

July 16, 2014

Wow, big call Nova Scotia.

The council of Truro, Nova Scotia, has banned children under 12 from entering a particular off-leash park, in an effort to reduce the likelihood of a dog/child related injury taking place. This doesn’t appear to be because of the risk of violent dogs, rather it’s because of the risk that young children will get in the way of dogs as they’re running, or potentially that they may approach a dog the wrong way and the dog will react badly. It seems to be equally about the dog’s and the child’s safety.

“It will at some point result in an injury to a child or an injury or perhaps death to a dog that makes a mistake, this needs to be a protected space for dogs and dog owners”
Doug MacKenzie, Director of Parks, Recreation & Culture for the Town of Truro

This is a big move that seems pretty divisive. Many owners treat their dogs like their children anyway, so how will they react when it comes to making the choice of who to take where?

“This is a place that was built and designed for dogs, for off leash dogs and their owners. There are plenty of places in the town of Truro for parents to take their children”
Doug MacKenzie, Director of Parks, Recreation & Culture for the Town of Truro

What do you think?

In an area specifically designed for dogs the safety of children is always an issue. Do you think we should be drawing a line in the sand and saying kids on one side and dogs on the other?

Of course in an ideal world parents will be prescient enough to be able to judge the safety of their children in a park, but we have seen a few examples of parents expecting the dog to be controlled rather than the child. This raises the question who is this park actually for?

Let us know what you think. Are you all for Nova Scotia’s ban? Would you like a similar rule in place in South Australian parks? Or do you think that children should be able to go anywhere you go?


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A photo of a red ball on the ground in Jenkins Reserve Dog Park

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October 30, 2013

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June 8, 2013

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The approximate location for the new park in Stebonheath Park

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March 17, 2013

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